Skincare Best Practices

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Having a consistent and mindful daily skincare routine is key to getting that glow you’ve always wanted.
The most important aspect to getting healthy radiant skin actually has nothing to do with your skin – but with your eating habits and your nutrition.  If you eat junk, your skin will most likely reflect that. Fill your diet with clean and whole foods.  Get rid of processed foods and balance your diet with lean proteins, leafy greens and vegetables and whole grains.  Skincare needs to be approached holistically by setting the stage with a healthy lifestyle that will prime your skin and enable it to accept the nutrients and vitamins found in your skincare products.
Sleep! Get it!  Haven’t  you ever noticed how dewy and plump your skin looks after you’ve taken a nap (if you’re lucky!).  Sleep is essential for healthy skin.
Hydrate.  Though there really is no conclusive evidence that drinking tons of water will make your skin look better, drinking water throughout the day is still good for your overall health and will benefit the skin in the long run.
Wash your face twice a day with a gentle sulfate-free cleanser that won’t strip the skin.  Kick it up a notch and do a weekly oil cleanse by applying a face oil and steaming your pores so the nutrients can absorb more readily.  Always do a quick cold water rinse after washing your face to close the pores and protect the skin from the environment.
Don’t sleep with your make-up on.  Use a make-up remover or dab a cotton ball in olive oil to remove make-up and  then cleanse as you normally do.
Don’t pick!!  As hard is it is to keep your hands off the occasional blemish or pimple, never force or squeeze or pick at a pimple or blackhead.  If it’s not ready to be dealt with, you will only end up aggravating the area which can lead to an even bigger badder cystic sore that will most likely scar.  Use an extractor tool for blackheads and allow a cystic pimple to run it’s course.
Don’t Pull or Rub the Skin.  When it comes to cleanser, gently massage in small circular motions.  With moisturizers and treatments, gently pat those into the skin.  Never pull at your skin.  This can break down the elasticity and cause fine lines and eventually deep wrinkles.
Sun Protection.  Never spend long periods of time in the sun without using an SPF of 30+ on your face.  In fact, it’s important to use some amount of SPF everyday regardless of how much direct exposure you anticipate.   Sun damage on the skin results in dark spots, hyperpigmentation, dehydration and in the long-term – fine lines and deep wrinkles. However, sun is a natural source of Vitamin D for the skin which is an essential nutrient.  A little sun exposure is actually good for the skin and your overall health, but always wear at least an SPF 15 or make sure you aren’t exposed for too long. We recommend Zinc Oxide formulas.  Zinc Oxide is one of the best anti-aging actives in existence.