I’ve heard products with fragrance can be irritating and full of synthetic ingredients.  Why do Skinnocence products have a fragrance?
Skinnocence products are naturally scented using only pure theraputic grade essential oils in which 60-70% are USDA Organic.  The essential oils are used for specific purposes that benefit the skin other than just imparting a scent to the treatment.  Irritation should not occur, however – always be sure to do a skin patch test on your arm before using new products and be sure to buy products formulated for your skin type.  Just because something is 100% natural does not mean it won’t irritate certain skin types.
Why is my product a brownish color and not white like most creams or lotions I see being sold?
Skinnocence does not use any artificial colors or preservatives.  Many drug store bought skincare items will use artificial colors to mask the natural color of the product which in most cases, can seem unappealing. In addition, many of our treatments such as Omega 36 Elixir, Bright Enzyme Serum, Prize Eyez and Land 2 Sea Detox serum do not use an emulsifying system which lends to that creamy white texture you see in most store-bought items.  Specifically with targeted serum treatments, we feel that the key active ingredients can be more readily absorbed into the skin without the additional barrier created through the use of an emulsifying system.
How should I store my new Skinnocence products?
As a general rule of thumb and especially when speaking about 100% natural products, it’s always best to store your coveted skincare items in a cool dark place away from sunlight as much as possible.  We actually recommend storing them in your refrigerator!  This will ensure that the active ingredients stay as fresh as possible and do not oxidize at a rapid rate.  You might notice that many natural skincare lines use dark bottles as packaging to protect it from sunlight.
I’ve been using a Skinnocence anti-aging product for a couple weeks now but haven’t seen much change with fine lines and wrinkles?  What gives?
Achieving results with any skincare treatment takes time, diligence and most importantly, a healthy lifestyle to back it up.  Most anti-aging treatments should be used for at least 1 month – ideally 3-6 months religiously to begin seeing results.  It’s most important to ensure a healthy diet, the right amount of sleep and to stay committed to a proper skincare regimen, otherwise, those expensive creams and serums are just spinning wheels trying to overcome skin that is too stressed and undernourished.  Exercise is also helpful by sweating out the toxins, releasing endorphins and priming skin to accept key nutrients.  Skincare products are ancillary to a healthy lifestyle.
Why are the ingredients different on the bottle label from what’s on the website? 
Because we are always improving and augmenting our potions based on new developments and client feedback, those changes don’t always get reflected on our labeling until we do another printing.  Always refer to the ingredients listed ON THE WEBSITE for accurate up-to-date information.