Meet Our Founder

My Journey to this point happened quite organically – meaning, I didn’t wake up one day and just decide that I wanted to create a natural and organic skincare line.  I’ve always suffered from very sensitive, blemish-prone skin my entire life and to be honest, I was completely clueless and very misinformed about the skincare products recommended for me and that I had been using for decades up until a year ago.  My ultimate trajectory into skincare started when I decided that I had to lose baby weight after having 2 kids within 2 years. I realized how paramount a clean wholesome diet was to losing weight and feeling energized.  I was amazed at the results once I started to really focus on nutrition.  I also became an obsessive label/ingredient checker and began researching any ingredient that I didn’t know. I quickly found myself spiraling though an endless amount of reading and self-educating about the hidden toxins that we consume unknowingly on a daily basis.
From there, I started to take a closer look at the ingredients in my skincare which was always a pain-point for me and was immediately appalled at what I discovered. Conventional skincare is loaded with synthetic and sometimes toxic ingredients that only degrade and dull our skin over time. We’ve essentially been spreading plastic on our faces and bodies instead of allowing our skin to thrive from the inside-out.  
My success at losing weight and feeling amazing – mostly from eating a clean diet,  had me thinking that this same mentality should transcend into my skincare routine.  After all, our skin is the gatekeeper for the rest of our body.  What we slather on our skin should be just as clean as what we put in our mouths.  I began to wonder if all my skin sensitivities would alleviate if I took a more natural and cleaner approach. 
I decided to make a lip balm one day and was in LOVE  with creating my own skincare potions from that day forward.  I ditched my store bought products and started making my own creams and serums and noticed dramatic results almost instantly.  I couldn’t believe how wrong I was about my skin type once I stopped using cleansers with sulfates and lotions packed with silicones and petro-chemicals that did nothing beneficial for my skin.
I started to research sensitive skin and dermatitis conditions and really wanted to apply my craft to helping others who deal with various problematic skin conditions like Eczema. My approach was to create minimalist treatments that allow key nutrients and higher ratio actives to travel to deep layers of the skin by using little to no emulsifiers combined with only the purest natural oils and botanicals proven to soothe and rejuvenate sensitive skin.  
In life, we always want to project our best selves to the world.  Our appearance and skin complexions shouldn’t get in the way of that, but as someone who has battled with hormonal acne since my teens and sensitive skin on a daily basis, I know how it feels to want to crawl inside your shell over a meaningless blemish on your face. What you project from the inside can always overcome, but feeling confident and good about yourself is a necessary component to that.  It’s important to note that it’s not always about looking younger  – but more about looking and feeling healthy.  When you begin to really pay attention to what you put in your body and on your skin and decide to make the switch to natural products, that healthful and youthful radiance will really begin to shine outward!
I can only hope that my products not only feed your skin but your soul and self-esteem as well. Always remember that healthy skin starts with a healthy lifestyle – eat clean whole foods, exercise, get enough sleep and use natural organic skincare ingredients whenever you can.  Many of them can be found in your own kitchen!
Cara McEvoy